About Us

How It All Works

In the waters of Alaska more than 1,000 boats bring fish to the coastal string of processing plants owned and operated by Peter Pan Seafoods, Inc. Equipped with state of the art fishing and fish handling equipment, they’re crewed by true experts trained in techniques that maintain fish quality. We’re proud of the thousands of fishermen who year after year join in fishing for Peter Pan Seafoods, knowing their catch must meet standards exceeded by none.

Fresh Cut

The systems that receive these best-of-all-fish resources are nothing short of amazing. Located in King Cove, Dillingham, Valdez, and Port Moller, Peter Pan’s Alaska processing facilities stand by to unload as much 500,000 lbs. of fish at a time from a single tender.

Speed is of the essence, freshness must be captured at its peak. For this reason, Peter Pan’s processing plants are built for volume. At King Cove, the main plant is large enough to house three football fields--its electrical power plant alone could light and heat a small city. At the height of the season, it’s home to hundreds of workers, fishermen, and fishing support services. It’s easy to see why the single season canned salmon output of King Cove exceeds the annual canned production of the entire country of Canada. And it’s only one of Peter Pan’s facilities.

This isn’t manufacturing with fixed inventories and exact production estimates, its fishing and nature rules. In Alaska, the total catch may total 5 million fish in one day and the unexpected bonanza can happen anywhere, at anytime.