About Us

The Process

Fast? Yes! Fresh flavor? Believe it. Peter Pan has been in the forefront of developing a technique that assures fresh, ocean caught taste even if the ultimate buyer is in land-locked Lincoln, Nebraska. The secret is “fresh freezing”; or rushing seafood into powerful freezers that instantaneously lock in the freshness and keep it that way. Truly knowledgeable chefs and consumers in the know understand that “fresh’ does not relate to how old the fish is, but only what hasn’t been frozen. Peter Pan’s special fresh-freezing process maintains ocean-caught taste, texture, and flavor all though the distribution process.

Fresh Cut

Near Seattle, Peter Pan processes fresh frozen fish into portion-controlled steaks and fillets ready for the food service and retail trades. Here nearly 100 well-trained seafood specialists slice, grade, and vacuum pack salmon, mahi mahi, swordfish, yellow fin tuna, and cod loins into incredibly uniform, high quality packaged fish.

While the beautifully packaged result suggests machine made precision, it is actually the product of fanatically careful hand-eye grading by experts who know their fish. Technology supplements that expertise with computer controlled weighing and environmental controls that keep packaged product at optimum temperatures during the entire process.

Down the coast another 180 miles in Astoria, Oregon canned salmon speeds off labeling lines bound for shipments to many major United States and foreign markets at a rate of a million cases a year. Branded with Peter Pan’s “Deming’s” tm and “Double Q” tm labels, the high quality canned salmon is often ranked as the best selling dry goods item in major market supermarkets, outselling national brands of chili, sauces, vegetables, and other high demand products. It commands the same kind of consumer attention, and premium prices in Australia and the United Kingdom as a main entrée favorite.