Peter Pan's Oldest

Delivery Information:

1 Denny Way, Suite 410
Dillingham, Alaska 99576

Contact Information:

PO BOX 410,
Dillingham, AK 99576-0410

Josh Welch - Assistant Plant Manager
Yvonne Cole - Office Manager
Fred McDonald - Fleet Manager
Phone - 907-842-5415
Fax - 907-842-5992

Months of Operation:
Open April - August

About Dillingham Processing Facility 

Peter Pan Seafood’s Dillingham operation is located on the shores of the Nushagak River in Bristol Bay Alaska. It is Peter Pan’s oldest facility and actually lays claim to being the oldest continually operating Cannery in Alaska. The products produced by this operation are a wide variety of fresh & frozen salmon products as well as Canned. The Bristol Bay fishery is the largest sockeye fishery in the world and it all happens very quickly. It starts out slowly in early June, hits it peak around the 4th of July, and is usually all over by the 1st week of August. Due to the tremendous volume of product that is normally available during the peak season, Peter Pan utilizes its large and mobile Tender fleet of 30 plus vessels to ship our Bristol Bay product to our other processing facilities. This ensures quick handling and fresh processing. The Dillingham Plant employs approximately 320 employees. It also has one of the largest affiliated fishing fleets in Bristol Bay with over 180 fishing drift fishing boats and 110 set net operations. While the majority of its associated fishing fleet call Alaska home, the fleet and many of our employees literally come from all over the world. For specific questions and complete plant information please email dillinghaminfo@ppsf.com.

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