Seattle Warehouse

Peter Pan's Support

Delivery Information:

4045 23rd Avenue West
Seattle, WA 98199

Contact Information:

4045 23rd Ave West
Seattle, WA 98199

Luis Montoya - Warehouse Manager
Rebecca Roenfanz - Assistant Warehouse Manager
Phone - 206-286-0858

Months of Operation:
Open Year Round

About the Seattle Warehouse Facility

The primary receiving and shipping facility for Peter Pan's Plants and fisherman. Freight is collected at the warehouse and loaded into containers for destinations north. As the fishing season looms closer the warehouse becomes more active. Not only does the warehouse help facilitate the collection and transportation of materials needed by the plants during the fishing season but it also acts as a support service for the company's fishermen. Fishermen can schedule to have their items sent to the warehouse. There the items are prepared for shipment and made ready for the fishermen to receive them at the final destination.

When the salmon season is over the warehouse acts as a distribution plant. Items are shipped south for repairs or maintenance. The warehouse will assist fishermen with collecting their southbound freight as well as coordinate pick ups by vendors.

The warehouse acts as a key element in organizing materials for projects, assembling freight from various vendors and making sure freight is delivered where it needs to go. Without the warehouse Peter Pan Seafoods and it's fishermen would not have a convenient location in which to hold items that are in transition. It is a primary component in providing support and items required by the plants while they are in operation in Alaska during the season.

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