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About Employment with
Peter Pan Seafood Company, LLC

Thank you for your interest in Peter Pan Seafood Company, LLC. We are a seafood processing company. We have four processing plants in Alaska - each with unique seasons. Our largest facility is King Cove, located on the Alaska Peninsula, and operates nearly year round with Salmon, Cod, Crab and Pollock. Port Moller is also located on the Alaska Peninsula and is a freezer plant with a Salmon season running from June through August. Valdez is located in Prince William Sound and is mainly a Salmon processing facility running from April to September. Dillingham is located on Bristol Bay and is primarily a Sockeye Salmon season running from mid-June to July. The following is some additional information you may need:

Nature of the Work

Seafood processors perform a variety of tasks that can include anything from sorting, cutting and cleaning, filling cans, grading, packing salmon roe to cleanup. Most of the work is repetitive and tedious. Some work can be very strenuous such as stacking 50 lb cases of frozen product, pushing freezer racks or carts of canned salmon or handling Halibut in excess of 100 lbs! Working conditions vary with the assignment, but are generally wet, cold and noisy. Working in a fish cannery is not an experience for everyone, and everyone should understand their limitations. All prospective employees are required to complete a medical placement questionnaire and drug test at a company appointed facility. The costs of these will be paid by the company. You must be at least 18 years of age to work in these remote locations.

Hours of Work

Hours and days of work are entirely dependent upon the actual size of the fish run, which is nearly impossible to predict. While we can’t guarantee any definite number of hours, a typical work week is seven days per week. A workday can run anywhere from nothing to more than sixteen hours per day. You must be ready and able to work all hours assigned.



Wages will follow the union contract wage rate or Alaska state wage rate whichever is higher. All hours worked in excess of eight per day or forty straight time hours in a week are paid overtime which is one and one half the contract wage rate. Paydays in Dillingham and Valdez are bi-weekly; in Port Moller and King Cove they are monthly. 

Room and Board

Room and board is provided with different facilities at each location. At all locations, rooms are multi-occupancy and accommodations for married couples or co-ed housing are limited or not available. Meals are provided in a company mess hall. Laundry facilities are available at each location. Bedding and towels are provided.


For employee from the lower 48 states we provide transportation from Seattle. For Alaskan employees transportation is provided from their home in most cases. Commercial airlines are used. Airfare is paid to the respective plant, and after completing a season in good standing, return airfare is also paid.


If required for your assignment, raingear and boots are provided at no charge, but must be returned at the end of the season. We also supply work gloves, hair nets and ear plugs at no charge to you. Any required safety equipment will also be provided.

What to Bring

Clothing should be appropriate for a wet, cold climate. Assume that your clothes will become dirty in the course of working. Temperatures generally stay between 55 and 65 degrees in the summer, with a fair amount of rain. Winter temperatures in King Cove are much colder. Bring your own toiletries and an alarm clock. Do not bring any valuables. Peter Pan Seafoods will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items. In Dillingham, King Cove and Valdez there are a couple stores nearby. In Port Moller a company store is available. A complete list will follow with an offer of employment.

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